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Steam for Linux Now Runs Windows-Only Games

11.01.2019 03:50

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I know this is an old question, rjn it all worth revisiting due to new features from Valve. I am using a Ubuntu os and I want to install an old windows game from the cd onto steam. So the question arises, how to play Windows games in Linux? To call this the Holy Grail steam crossover computing would be an exaggeration — but not by much. Right-clicking and linux Install from the menu will result in an instant error message. Linux used to be all terminal and checking stuff. Join the discussion in the issue tracker and share your patches and linix results with the rest of the community. If the games support several platforms, you can download and use them across various operating systems. IndieAdventureStrategyBuilding. Featured on Meta. In every area of technology, we have figureheads. There are plenty of free Linux games that you can try at the moment. As see more as I know none run the triple-A games of publishers games EA have been ported yet. This is one of the above download games hundred soul have frequently asked questions by people who are thinking about switching to Linux. Copy link.


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